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It has been valued as a great healing gemstone from ancient times. This gemstone has lots of meanings and effects related to healing. Cloudy Quartz has feminine and gentle wave motion, and it gets along with anyone.It would get rid of the stagnation in your mind. If you want to clear all the sins and hurt feelings, Cloudy Quartz will be the best. You can have the meaning and the effect of purification.By purifying your mind, you can get rid of your vain thoughts. Cloudy Quartz is also good for removing prejudice or stereotypes. You would be able to have pure mind like a child. It would give you a chance to see the essence of things.It has a meaning and properties of building a bright future. Cloudy Quartz can purify negative energy. It would wash off all the anxiety and fear for the future. This gemstone can protect your heart so it won't get affected again.This crystal will give you strength, stamina, and resourcefulness. It will help you fulfill your responsibilities, even those that are not necessary. This crystal is often used for luck and prosperity because of the positive energies that surround it.It will fill you with uplifting energies that will make you look forward to new things and be brave enough to conquer different challenges!Is a crystal that you can use to prevent your emotions from overflowing. It will help you control your emotional outbursts and barrage of hurtful words.It’s an ideal crystal for people who are highly strung and whose emotions often run away from them. It will help you better process your feelings, absorb the emotional states, and release them in a healthy and calm manner. It’s a crystal that will help you discover and get to the root of the problem. It will also help you find the best solutions to your relationship problems.

Detailed Features

Sterling Silver w/White Gold Plated 

Bead Size : 8MM

Length: 17cm

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