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Uruguay is world famous for its intense color amethysts. The geode has very powerful absorbing, healing and transforming properties and so it is an excellent crytal formation to have near your main door to neutralize negative energies coming through it,Uniquely and fascinatingly beautiful, this crystal geode cave is truly a beauty to behold. There is something about the healing energy of this Amethyst crystal geode that will make you feel relaxed, calm and peaceful after a long day. The powerful feng shui energy of the geode with shower you in an amazingly gentle energy. Amethyst, known as the “stone that heals”, is a semi-precious stone which has been known since ancient times to contain mystical properties of healing and spirituality. Amethyst is most well known for its healing effects. It is said to have the ability to rid the body of ailments of the mind, such as anxiety, stress or depression. These diseases are often the root cause of other problems such as insomnia or uncontrollable anger. These disorders often affect ones relationships with those around them, and so the use of Amethyst will also prove to improve personal connections and networking.Physically, Amethyst can help to alleviate headaches and migraines. It dispels nightmares and helps with insomnia. Amethyst can also reduce eyestrain, especially when working at a computer.

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L:14CM X W:6.4CM

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