After wearing for a long time or used the crystal method, the crystal absorbs the negative energy easily, so the crystal needs to be purified, too, some people also call it demagnetization method. Cleansing your crystal back to a neutral state ensures that accumulated negative energies are not passed on. This process also re-energises the crystal and ensures that it functions at its highest level.

Let your intuition be your guide: keep the intention in mind that you are clearing away all inappropriate energies and that you are working with purity of purpose.

The following are some different ways to cleanse, purify, re-energise and tune your crystals.

Crystal Cluster purification method

To put in crystal to a natural crystal clusters, Can achieve quite stick purifying effect. Crystal after a full day of wear, putting it be incorporated in the crystal clusters, The vibrational energy out of the crystal clusters comes continuous and stable, Can effectively remove the negative energy within the crystal, And re-charge, Effects can be extremely good. The effect is stronger, but no need to display dozens of crystal, else the effect would be a discount. Either method of purification, When you put on the moment of crystal, Must fully trust your crystal, Often talk to him, And trust him, Crystal will release even more powerful than the usual power to help you. Because while their own faith in strengthening, The body will automatically release more power than the usual static and the energy, You feel the magnetic field in the crystal will start a more energy than usual to give back to your body, Your all wishes come true!

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