Many people love precious stones and there are those who buy them to serve as an investment. Jadeite is very profitable and the price keeps on rising every year.

Modern research has shown us that jade is renowned for its benefits to health as it has different mineral elements, including zinc, magnesium, iron and copper. Wearing and using jewelry (such as jade bracelets, necklaces, rings, jade products) is not only beautiful and practical, but when it's constantly moving against your skin and acupuncture points, it can clear the meridians and help to enhance blood circulation so as to prevent and treat diseases and conserve health. It is believed that it is very useful as an amulet.

Did you know that jade is alive. The normal temperature of the human body is about 37 degrees centigrade and this constant temperature can change the molecular motion of jade. Jade articles become clearer and smoother after a long time of wearing them. This is why we call people dependent on jade and jade dependent on people.

In the East they believed in mystical force of this stone. Goods from Jadeite which are in immediate proximity to the person, were believed to protect and benefit him. After a grave accident, Jadeite would be found broken, protecting life and health of the wearer. Jadeite was considered as the predecessor of all gemstones, symbolizing five main virtues: mercy, modesty, courage, valor and wisdom. Jade is an ancient symbol of love and virtue.

Grade A jadeite — This is the stone in its natural form without having any kind of treatment. This is the best choice if you want a great investment.

Grade B jadeite — This is natural jade, but soaked in an acid solution that is highly concentrated. It is then soaked in epoxy resin and hardener. It is then
taken out and heated to allow it to harden. The treatment improves transparency and the color of jade. By doing so, the texture and durability are decreased. This grade is also referred to as natural color jade as it isn’t dyed.

Grade C jadeite — This is also called dyed or colored jade. it is not natural color and valueless.

Grade B+C  — This is acid rerated and then filled with resin. After this, greater transparency and beautiful color are achieved on the jade.  However, this color isn’t natural and neither is the jade durable.

Grade D jadeite — This grade isn’t real jade. It is a stone that really resembles jadeite jade. It can be sold as a jade imitation but it isn’t the real thing.


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