Ammolite is a beautiful organic stone that’s formed from Aragonites inside the fossilized shells of Ammonites. It’s usually colored red and green, and also exhibits yellow tint under ultraviolet rays. The name Ammolite is from the name of the Ancient Egyptian God Ammon, who was represented by a head of a ram with twisted horns. The shells of prehistoric Ammonites also looked very similar to this ram’s head. Ammolite is a stone of perfection.

Ammolite gives power to its owner who seeks to change his/her life. It gives energy to create his/her own future of its owner. The meaning of Ammolite also includes to step outside of comfort zone. When you tend to hold your energy or emotions in your body and mind, Ammolite will be useful. Ammolite will help you to exert your innate power. Ammolite is a gemstone of smooth communication. Ammolite is a talisman for love and family relationships.
It has been said that this gemstone can release stress and issues from its owner. It is also useful when you are stuck in a sense of over-responsibility and high expectations. It helps its owner to relax and improve performance.
Ammolite is also said to be a fantastic wealth luck magnet, and excellent for capturing the energy of the Earth Wealth Star.

Perfection, wisdom, and knowledge are the three traits that are best associated with Ammolite. This stone is believed to hold the energies and vibrations of the universe! This stone is usually used by crystal healers and Fengshui teachers to bring about personal awakening. It will show you how you can harmonize with your environment on a physical and spiritual level. The energies of this stone will help you have a better understanding of the cycles of creation and the necessary evolutionary shifts. Ammolite is a very protective stone. It works with the root chakra, and it will channel your energies and help you perfectly tune them. It will bring you prosperity, fortune, and luck. It’s also a stone that will help you reach deep meditative states. When you use this stone often enough, it will also enhance your dreams and give you prophetic dreams.






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